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Edit Before you reattach the battery connector during reinstallation, carefully position the pressure contact back in place.Step 13: Removing the Mother Board This step is directly handling the mother board of the iPhone so i can not stress this enough, be careful.Introduction, use this guide to replace a cracked front panel or a broken LCD.

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taken off the clear adhesive on both ends of the phone. Edit Loosen the three large-headed Phillips screws along the other side of the iPhone about one half turn. It is vital that you do this carefully because this can easily rip. Three need to be removed with a flat blade screwdriver (flathead) while the other two will be removed with your #00 Phillips screwdriver. Yes No Voted Undo Score 0 Add your answer View Statistics: Past front 24 Hours: 1 Past 7 Days: 10 Past 30 Days: 58 All Time: 121,517). Also please let me know is it safe to use the phone with broken glass. Put on new LCD/digitizer assembly When you feed the digitizer cables through to put on a new screen, make sure the cables are the same length once you put them through. Pry the vibrator up to release it from the adhesive securing it to the iPhone. SIM Card Eject Tool, tweezers, spudger. They have quality parts, tools, and much more for all your repair needs. Set them aside separately. (Refer to the photo above.) Grab the shield by the top where the top screw came out and gently lift up and push down. You'll notice there is a tiny tab that is seated underneath the LCD and digitizer cables to the right. Gently peel away the long ribbon cable. Here is the difficult part, under the shield there is a connector, simply pry it up from the top side of your phone. Ke sure both ribbon cables are standing upright and are parallel to each other. Next move your pry tool or razor blade to the bottom of your device and do the same thing, working your way around until the adhesive is broken and the front panel starts to come off. Be careful around the front facing camera and speaker area. Edit Use the edge of a plastic opening tool to pry the rear camera connector up from its socket on the logic board. P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone, phillips #000 Screwdriver iFixit Opening Tools, anti-Static Project Tray. Just think about whether it's a challenge you're willing to take on before proceeding. There is no real problem continuing to use the phone in the short term ( Depending on the extent of the break but fixing the broken glass will stop the digitizer/LCD from being damaged further. 2639 other people completed this guide. Instead of placing it on the assembly and using adhesive, it's going to be easier to place it on the mid-frame. Important Notice: This step is an important notice which I am not responsible for any damage done to your device or any mishaps that may happen along the way. Edit Conclusion To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. Remove the two.6 mm Pentalobe P2 screws next to the dock connector. Reassemble your iPhone Once you're sure you've gotten all the glass and leftover debris out of your iPhone, you're ready for reassembly. Edit During reassembly, do not touch the metallic area at the base of the LCD data cable, as this can cause problems with the LCD.

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Razor blade iSesamo Opening tool not necessary but awesome for prying up cables from and getting under adhesive. Yes No Voted Undo Score 0 Only zen man can do this properly. Edit Remove the keeps display assembly from the iPhone. Damage to any of the part is inevitable seperated out as 3 parts. Removing More Screws This is probably the most time consuming step in the entire process for this you will need to remove 10 screws. There are 5 screws holding the logic board shield in place as labeled in the photo above. Carefully straighten the digitizer and LCD data cables. A charged lithiumion battery can catch fire andor explode if accidentally punctured.

Unlike every iPhone before and after it the iPhone 4/ iPhone 4s required you to completely disassemble the iPhone before replacing the glass.That s every component, every tiny screw, every delicate little connector and flex cable, all without losing one, breaking one, shocking the boards.

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You can remove them if youapos. Before reassembly, s very tiny as you can see above. Edit Remove the following four screws securing the cable cover to the logic board 8 mm standoff screw near the headphone jack. Neither iMore nor 2 mm Phillips screw Edit Spread Fixmas Cheer Get 12 off your purchase. Ll need to disassemble almost the entire phone in order to swap out the screen. I used two ways of holding the screws. Disclaimer, as with any repair, ll notice there is a groove in it that will allow you to align från it exactly correct. Be sure the driver is wellseated when removing Pentalobe screwsthey are easy to strip.

This should help you out but it still takes a bit of time to loosen it from its adhesive.This finger rests on top of the PCB, screwed down, and covered with the adhesive black plastic tape.

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It is not necessary to completely remove these screws.