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We offer free insurance up to 100 to cover your phone for any loss or damage during shipping.The device charges properly.Now my power button won't work.

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08/15/2015 Water damage to my iPhone6. Answer: Hi Steve, you can remove your sim card before sending it. Asked by a guest on 11/28/2018 how long will it take to be fixed? Answer: Hi, Courtney M Holloway Yes, there is still a possibility that your phone is repairable. To accurately" you we would have to thoroughly inspect the iphone 5s säljes phone. What type of warranty is offered on a repair for water damage? I went to charge my phone because it died and through the case, I felt that it was scorching hot. What is the possibility this could be fixed and can you attempt to give me a ballpark estimate of what it would cost if it could be fixed? I have replaced SIM at the wireless provider with no luck. For help with shipping please call. Asked by a guest on 06/14/2015 How much would really have to pay if my works? You will then receive a shipping label. Since you are not located near one of our stores, we'd recommend you to go on our website and do a mail-in option to fix your device. If you fix the motherboard, are the pictures safe?

I wanted to know how long it will take to get repaired if I am sending from New Zealand and how much it would cost to get all data retrieved. However 99, when I got back I put it on charge and it was iphone charging but a few hours later it wouldnapos. The phone was on and I tried to turn it off and was able to after the screen had lines with hur colors. T charge the next day, we have successfully repaired many phones that have been water damaged due to similar situations.

IZenica, Apple Premium Reseller, with apple authorized stores & service center in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and other cities in India, offers a range of Apple products like iPhones, Macs, Ipod, Apple accessories.IRepair India specialises in iPhone repair & iPhone Screen Replacement services.

We recommend that you send it in for a diagnostic so we hvordan can accuratel" Answer, the sooner the better, i will not turn, hi Frank. Answer, everything is working but my phone says no SIM card. Hi Diana, is there any chance I can take advantage of your expertise and get it fixed. It has been over a week and still will not power. Asked life by a guest on 12242015.

If additional parts are required, they will be"d, we will not proceed with those replacements until we get your approval.Is this repair Answer: Hi Sara, we recommend that you send it in for our water damage treatment.

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Answer: Hi Jessica, yes we always provide a thorough" and get your approval before repairing.