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Style and Flair, if you can handle the added bulk of the Powerful rugged case you'll be in for a treat, this is one snazzy heavy-duty case.The Powerful is available for both the iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 6 Plus with both sporting a bargain price of 45.99.The Powerful case is not TouchID compatible and has a cheap cover over the home button.

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be a joy to use. Watch the full Love Mei Powerful Review on YouTube. This case is well made, with lots of flair and pizzazz! In terms of water/dust resistance, we believe this case will fare better than most but it is not waterproof and one of the drawbacks of this case is that it will sink much quicker than other cases given the extra weight of the case. IPhone Life rating:.5 out of 5 Stars, update: It's been brought to our attention by the folks. Lunatik and their great mei cases for years, I have a feeling Love Mei will have an uphill battle in an American court of law.

The build quality of the case is love mei iphone quite poor with the Love Mei Powerful case suffering from deformations after being dropped. We feel that it doesnt seem as strong as the Gorilla glass screen protector on the Lunatik. Sound is really muted in the case and we didnt notice any attenuation of our wificell strength. Its one love mei iphone of the best cases for that which is surprising given the build quality of the case. Ll be focusing on one great case each week over the course of the coming months. Rather than clump a bunch of individual cases together Iapos. And the glass screen protector is an inclusion that makes interacting with the iPhone a sheer pleasure usually reserved for folks who like to live dangerously with no screen protection whatsoever. The glass screen protector extends over the frontfacing camera so it doesnt reduce the quality of that camera. So perhaps they are prepared to defend their right to the Powerfulapos. It also covers all the ports and buttons without limiting access to the controls or functionality of the iPhone in the least.

IPhone, audio Adapter (3) LG (16 lOVE MEI.Accessories (5) Motorola (4) oppo (10) PD fast charger data line (1) Samsung (76) smart touch (2) sony (31) vivo (6) Wireless Charger (7) xiaomi (22) Show: Sort: powerful FOR huawei Mate20.Powerful FOR huawei Mate20 Pro.

It is these large and larger models. If ever an iPhone needed a case. The Powerful is a bargain deal and well worth pictures become darker when imported to iphone consideration.

The iPhone survived all the drops but the case is not quite deformed and one of the screw sockets broke off.Right after a new iPhone comes out there is the inevitable deluge of great cases to protect your new investment.

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Functionality iPhone Functionality (4.5/5 - Sound quality for the Love Mei Powerful is decent - Easy access to hardware ports and buttons on your iPhone - TouchID sensor is NOT usable.