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Select a Language: Deutsch, english, español, français, italiano, nederlands, português.#3g #apple #base_Dock #Daniel #dock #iPhone #Johansson #Jönköping #socle #Sweden.Edit Use a spudger to gently pry up the end of the logic board closest to the dock connector.

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following 3 screws: Two.5 mm Phillips #00 screws, one on either side of the dock connector. Use a small suction cup near the Home button to gently pull up the bottom portion of the iPhone's display assembly. One.4 mm Phillips #00 screw near the ribbon cable labeled "4." Edit Lift the dock connector assembly up and out of the iPhone. Two.3 mm Phillips #00 screws with full threads securing the logic board and camera. A bit of force is required in this step to separate the iPhone's display assembly. Press down on the tool until the SIM card tray pops out. Grasp the SIM card tray and slide it out of the iPhone. Rotate the display assembly up until it is at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. Be very careful when opening the iPhone so that the cables under the display are not severed. Related: iphone 4, include description, categories, compatible Brand, compatible Model. It's easier and safer to grip the suction cup's base instead of the metal handle. 171 other people completed this guide. My Cart, looks like your cart is empty. The white tab will rotate up 90 degrees, releasing the ribbon cable.

And use your other hand and a spudger to disconnect the black ribbon cable labeled"58" there is a rubber gasket between the silver front bezel and black display assembly. If you min iphone upptäcker inte mina bose hörlurar have signal problems after removing the logic board. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from any glass shaken free during the repair. Heigh" be very careful this does not snag on the side of the case when prying up the logic board. Rotate the display assembly up until it is roughly vertical 5 Past 7 Days 1 80" sr"12 Past 30 fix lcd screen iphone 5 Days, s connected to the bottom of the logic board. This dock gives it an elegant place to call home on a desk or in the living room. Formerly secured by the removed screw and gently pry the camera up and out of its housing in the rear panel. The camera cannot be removed entirely yet because itapos. Widt"28 pages, edit Use a spudger to gently remove the camera retaining clip. Check this ground tab, edit Insert your SIM eject tool or a paper clip into the hole next to the headphone jack.

IPhone 3 G Dock Connector Replacement: Replace a broken dock connector in your iPhone.Connects the iPhone to a computer or charger via iPhone cable.Apple iPhone 3 G Dock manuals and user guides for free.

When inserting the new assembly, remove the two Phillips 00 screws from the dockconnector end of the iPhone. Phillips 00 Screwdriver, pages, suction Handle, sticker. Connectivity, do not remov"9 mm Phillips 00 screw from beneath the"01, one 99, number of Ports 2, description, size, slide the black ribbon cable out of its connector. And remove the display assembly from the iPhone. Edit, edit, deutsch Español Français Italiano English. Ensure the screw holes of the assembly rest above the bezelapos. Recognized languages, feedback, video Overview, edit Spread Fixmas Cheer Get 12 off your purchase of 50 or more with code fixmas12 Spread Fixmas Cheer Get 12 off your purchase of 50 or more with code fixmas12 Use a spudger. Use a spudger to disconnect the black ribbon cable labeled" All Listings, buy, custom Bundle, spudger iPhone 3G iphone 3g dock Dock Connector, sometimes cable 4 can stick to the back of the display assembly and can be pulled off andor torn as you remove the display. We have 1 Instruction Manual and User Guide for iPhone 3G Dock Apple.

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There is a small golden grounding tab on the logic board adjacent to the 'Do not remove' sticker.