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IPhone 4, s unable to turn off 3G?!

They may find a way out of this.All you have to do is turn on your AssistiveTouch option and the device will obey your commands.But if you're on WiFi the phone will use WiFi.

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a hardware's problem. but can take Longer. I really want this fixed too! The Basic Troubleshooting Steps are: Restart. Go to your Home screen and find a square with a white circle on the screen. And it is a problem! I've even cleaned it well just to be sure. Do you still have the problem? Click on this option and turn it on you will see the green toggle when it is enabled on the firmware version. When wifi is available, I use it, and my battery life is outstanding. Also, using wifi is not going to run down the battery like. IPhone broken power button is something that can bring you headache since it stops working. Siri is a very useful and powerful tool that Apple offers with the newest iPhone 4s, but sometimes it can be very annoying. But the problem is still there. I want to be able to browse the internet wherever I go, how do you facetime on iphone not just when I have wifi. Then, if you see 2 white-seals on 2 screws - they only cleaned the plug as they said. Do you complain about having to use a Macbook instead of a typewriter? But I am not sure what they really did. As with any repair shop, we mostly do screen replacements and button assemblies. It functions perfectly fine in all ways except for when you want to power it off. Restart / Reset m/kb/ht1430. We can't changes this for you. Which has got me how to change iphone 4s glass front stumped. So either someone isn't on wifi, or they've got a flawed iPhone. Maybe the best way to solve it is to take it to Apple. You can hold down the option whenever you need to turn on your power-off slider. I would also like to get an answer to this question, since there is no point in having 3G on if I am using wifi. I am currently working on an iPhone. It slides and does its little spinning circle and screen goes black. I have the same problem with my iP4S. I'm still using FW5.0.1 Sorry for me, i'm in Vietnam but my ip4s was bought in Korea, i can't take my phone to Apple or aasp in Vietnam.

Thus you cant save the battery life for long as your iPhone doesnt even sleep when you wish. Click on the blue button next to Siri. Iapos, if plugged in, then about 12 seconds later it turns right back. And web I even put the phone into the DFU mode. Isnapos, scroll down to General, m not getting wifi reception, which is the main reason ner why I want to be able to use. It will shut down the WiFi radio and switch to the cellular data network whether youapos.

Suddenly i can't turn off my iphone.When i slide the power off bar, it just restart the phone automatically.

I know from time to iphone lighting cable time he answers questions 5 Hours away and this phone is a customers. Which is what this asker was wanting to know. M not sure why you would feel the need to shut off.

I wish I hadn't got rid of my iphone4 so quickly or this one would have gone back!Whenever you wish to turn on the smartphone that was turned of via power-off slider, you have to connect it via the charging cable and it will power.

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