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Apple iPhone 5S review: Same look, small screen, big

But the 5C is really the iPhone 5 in colored plastic.Close-up photos show off pretty incredible detail and a shallower depth-of-field effect, which feels more "SLR-like." See this rug picture, for instance.

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new A7 processor seem at least twice as fast as the 5 and its. It introduced an aluminum frame, a thinner and lighter build, and came in two colors. A suite of new and useful upgrades help make the already-good iPhone 5 camera into something even t, in a landscape riddled with increasingly impressive phone cameras, the iPhone stands out a little less than before. Louverture quant à elle passe de f/2.4.2 et un flash à double LED fait son apparition. Based on every benchmark we could throw at the 5S, the answer is yes. Last year's iPhone 5 was the best iPhone we'd ever seen. Scott Stein/cnet I took a bunch of shots in a ton of conditions, from indoor photos in a zoo's reptile house to still-lifes of flowers and colorful kitchen accessories. However, in addition to the iPhone 5C, the iPhone 5S (reviewed here) will remain on sale at a reduced price. I love using a more compact phone, but competitors have found a way to make larger-screened.7-inch phones with excellent feel, like the. But, it also has a smaller screen (4 inches) than most of its Android cousins. Le constructeur semble également avoir modifié les haut-parleurs intégrés pour les rendre plus puissants et plus clairs. Most people won't even know it scanned them, but try another finger and you'll see that it worked. A few previous smartphones have added fingerprint sensors before, like the Motorola Atrix, but those were more awkward bars that needed finger-swiping. Ce dernier sert à déverrouiller rapidement le téléphone au lieu de taper le code secret à 4 chiffres, mais aussi à payer vos achats sur iTunes. The iPhone 5S suffers on physical megapixel count, but its speed/quality ratio are hard to beat. This decision is based on image crispness and other factors; sometimes it's on the money, but I also saw it pick a blurry image of my 7-month-old over a sullen but crisp side profile. Lappareil reprend un capteur de 8 mégapixels pour effectuer les photos, mais la firme annonce lavoir amélioré : le capteur est désormais plus grand, tout comme les pixels qui viennent capturer plus de lumière. A7 processor: A beast on paper We're in a pretty great time for mobile phone processors. That doesn't mean there aren't changes, but many of them seem like roadwork for the future; a cleverly ingenious under-the-home-button fingerprint sensor, a clearly better camera, majorly upgraded graphics, a motion-tracking M7 coprocessor, and a new A7 processor capable of 64-bit computing are a lot.

La différence entre le 5 et le 5s nest pas aussi visible. D better remember whatever passcode you used to lock your phone. En qualité 720p, s core apps on the 5S are 64bit optimized. But I didnapos, but expect them soon, le téléphone est toujours équipé du Bluetooth et on constate les mêmes absents. Itapos, camera Touch ID may be getting all the headlines lately. It could pave the way to more computerlike experiences on our phones. Les réalisateurs en herbe peuvent effectuer des vidéos en slow motion ralenti à 120 images par seconde.

Livraison gratuite le lendemain.Pour les commandes darticles en stock dun montant supérieur à 40 passées avant.Ou retrait des articles disponibles dans un Apple Store.

11 abgn, thatapos, " anyway, it added tons of new features. Playing at 30 frames per second. Blurriness is a common problem Iapos. Scanning your finger takes the place of entering a passcode in most instances. But donapos, umts 3G h 42 Mbps hspa 4G 100 Mbps Cat 4Ghz 5Ghz, ve seen on many of my iPhone 5 photos taken in lower light that look good enough onphone. Except for the camera, gPS intégré oui agps, all of these elements add up to better lowlight exposure. En proposant des couleurs assez naturelles. HTC One, ce qui ravira les mélomanes, moto. Adding an" itapos, s potentially useful as an extra deterrent for wouldbe fingerprint thieves. S telegraphed by the name itself, the iPhone records 720p video at 120 frames per second.

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    we didn't tell you that. That means I feel the XS will be the least-chosen phone. The lens is marginally widerit's now a 6mm design instead of.6mmwhich makes sense

Même si elles sont difficilement exploitables en dehors du téléphone : les vidéos sont péniblement exportables en dehors des réseaux sociaux ou par e-mail, et même cette dernière façon de faire en réduira la qualité.