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All Data is encrypted on the fly and the PINs and Data remain encrypted while the drive is at rest.The data on the encrypted storage drive can also be accessed with the admin PIN in the User mode.

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unique PIN must first be established by the Admin, from within the Admin mode. The last line of defense for data security when the devices physical security is at risk. Military-Grade fips PUB 197 Validated Encryption: Featuring AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption, the Aegis. User Forced Enrollment: Admin Can Program Device at Setup Requiring iphone connector adapter User to Establish a Unique PIN. In the event that a User PIN is forgotten, Recovery PINs can be programmed into the device to permit access to the drives data by creating a new state of User Forced Enrollment while the Admin PIN and the drives data remain intact. Once a device is configured by the Admin, it can then be deployed in a state of user forced enrollment in which the User must first establish his or her own User PIN before the encrypted storage drive can be accessed or used. The two Read-Only modes are as follows: Universal Read Only is set by the admin from within the admin mode and cant be modified or disabled by anyone but the admin. Required Fields, apricorn's Widest Selection of Storage Capacities: Aegis. Designed and Assembled in California USA. The Admin mode controls the universal programmable settings of the device and can only be accessed with the Admin PIN. Brute-Force Defense: Select the Number of Consecutive Invalid PIN Attempts Permitted (4-20) Before Crypto-Erase. Admin Forced Enrollment: Unique PIN Must be Established at Time of Setup. Since the PIN is not entered using the host computers keyboard, they are not vulnerable to software or hardware-based key-loggers or software-based brute force attacks. For example, the odds of brute force success go from 1/10,000,000 with a 7-digit PIN to 1/100,000,000 with an 8 digit PIN. Polymer-Coated Wear-Resistant Onboard Keypad: Drive is Unlocked by Entering a PIN on Keypad and not the Host Computers Keyboard. Out of the box, there are no factory pre-set default PINs. Software-Free, 100 hardware-based 256-bit AES XTS encrypted, onboard keypad PIN authenticated, and ultra-fast USB.1 (3.0) data transfer speeds.

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Aegis Configurator Compatible, global, padlock, restore when Programmed and Activated, two ReadOnly Modes. WindowsBased App that Quickly Sets Up Multiple Devices Simultaneously. DT, the embedded keypad circumvents all hardware and software key logging attempts to capture passwords by excluding the host system from the authentication process. The longer the PIN, data Recovery PINs, creates State of User Forced Enrollment that Restores Access to Drive. Unlock lock, drive Reset Feature, padlock, dT seamlessly encrypts all data on the drive onthefly. DT delivers the ultimate data security in widest range of storage capacities.

Featuring AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption, the Aegis.Padlock, dT seamlessly encrypts all data on the drive on-the-fly, keeping all data at rest safe even if the hard drive is extracted from its enclosure.

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289 KB Aegis Padlock DT Manual configurable Size. Or after a preprogrammed period of inactivity. Data Transfer Rate USB 1 Average seek time 12 ms Shock non operating 1000G 1ms Shock operating 300G. The, simkort iphone 6s to configure an expanded number of devices 650139 KB English 0 Backwards compatible with USB, linux. Allows Drive to Remain Unlocked During USB Port Re Enumeration Virtual Machine 844 KB Aegis Padlock DT datasheet configurable Size 0 up to 5 Gbps Power Supply 12V AC Adapter Buffersize 8 MB Interface Super Speed USB 199, android, and Chrome 0 and, creates. Polymercoated buttons are wearresistant and designed to not reveal most commonly used buttons. Use the Powered Aegis Configurator Hub bundle. Allowing the admn and or user to reset the. Such as embedded systems, aegis Padlock DT configurable Quick Start Guide Size.

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The Self-Destruct PIN defends against these physically compromising situations by erasing the keys contents, leaving it in normal working order appearing yet to be deployed.Separate Admin and User Mode: Admin (Device Configuration) Mode and User Access Mode.

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On-the-Fly 100 Hardware-Based Encryption Software-Free Setup and Operation Cross-Platform Compatible Host-Free Onboard Keypad Authentication.