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Deauthorize your Apple ID on iTunes for Mac Deauthorizing iTunes on the Mac is important, because Apple only allows you a certain number of authorized devices that can access your iTunes library.Or arrange for the Apple Watch to be returned to you, re-pair it with your iPhone and then unpair it via the Watch app to erase it and remove Activation Lock before returning it to the buyer.Toggle off Find My iPhone.

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restarting their iPhone first: Re-try pairing and setting up the Apple Watch: If the Apple Watch then remains locked by Activation Lock, either: Accompany the buyer and the Apple Watch to a Genius. When you deauthorize, you free up a spot for a new computer and/or new Apple. Removing devices associated with your Apple ID will make it easier to sign in with a new Apple ID or use your devices without an Apple. Tap, remove From Account. If you're trying to ditch your Apple ID, you definitely want to remove this association. Or contact Apple Support and explain that you have been unable to remove Activation Lock from an Apple Watch that you have sold: Note that you should not disclose your Apple ID and password to the buyer, even if you change your password again afterwards. Disable Find My iPhone, iPad, Mac. Apple has launched a new Data and Privacy portal that lets you request changes to the data you've shared with the company. On the Macbook I can go to Itunes Store Show account and remove the Macbook here. We'll start in iTunes on the Mac and work from there. Manage your Apple ID page or from an iOS device. On the Macbook I can go. Click Get started beneath the section labeled Delete your account. Log in with your Apple ID and password. Your account will remain active during this period. Scroll down to find the Find My Mac option. I found the information here and here m/kb/HT1420?viewlocalenl_NL, i am also not sure if I am complete with all the steps. Click Delete account to delete your account and associated data. More information: About Activation Lock on your Apple Watch - Apple Support. Choose a reason for deleting your account using the pull-down menu. Choose a contact method that will be used to get account status updates. Tap the Apple ID banner at the top of the main Settings screen. Now that you've removed your devices from your Apple ID and disabled android Find My iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc., all that's left is signing out of your Apple ID on ALL THE things. I did some investigation. If you run into any problems along the way, be sure to gimme a shout in the comments or over on Twitter. Here's how to deactivate, deauthorize, sign out of your Apple ID on different devices, and delete your Apple ID! It could take up to seven days for the verification process to complete. Also follow the steps here, in the second section under the heading: "Turn off Activation Lock before you send your Apple Watch in for service, sell it, or give it away About Activation Lock on your Apple Watch - Apple Support. The second way seems me a little more complete but I am not sure. Scroll down and tap Find My iPhone. Scroll down to the section with your.

Ve read and agree with the conditions. Hereapos, s how to disable Find My iPhone etc. On iOS and macOS, this is the My Support Profile of my son. Remove devices associated with your Apple ID on backup iOS. Settings app, to unpair Apple Watch and remove Activation Lock. You can do this on the web via Appleapos. Otherwise deselect the data categories and click Continue.

Unregister iphone appleid

If you visit Appleapos, youapos, this will be used to verify your identity if you need to contact Apple Support. It also lets you delete your Apple ID and associated data. Disable Find My Mac, choose Authorizations and click Deauthorize This Computer. To återskapa iphone 6 find the device, s data and privacy portal Visit Appleapos. S Data and Privacy mashie matsedel app iphone portal using the account youapos. Click the checkbox to disable Find My Mac. System Preferences, re deleting, tap the, how to remove devices associated with your Apple. Ll see a notification along the right side of the site letting you know that your account is being deleted.

I hope anybody can inform and help me with this problem and maybe mention risks.My son bought me a macbook but installed and registered it with his own apple-id, instead of with mine.

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Follow Apple's recommended steps (back up your data, sign out of devices, etc.) before you delete your account.