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A local third-party repair shops that I contacted recently"d just over 100 to replace my shattered iPhone 5 screen.Fortunately, you can repair it yourself-once parts are available, that.

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doable with the right parts and tools. Then place a test call, check vibrator functionality, and do an all-around test to make sure all of the components you had to remove and replace are in good working order. Heck, my iPad even took a face-plant on the sidewalk once, resulting in shards of glass everywhere. The Home button is only held on with a rubber gasket with a bit of adhesive. Disclaimer: As with any repair, iMore can not be held responsible for any damage you may köpa iphone 6 glas do to your device. If you're handy with a screwdriver and don't mind performing surgery on your iPhone, you can tear it down far enough to replace even the LCD screen. Using your #00 Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws holding the battery in place. The screw on the left hand side of the assembly has a black triangular spacer underneath. Many times it can go flying if you don't remove it first and then you'll have difficulty locating it so it's best to remove it first. Use extreme care and caution when performing a repair on any device. Use your spudger tool or finger to remove it before prying the clip.

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They have quality parts, which again, why not upgrad" In fact, donapos, this is why I do not use the plastic tab that is provided. I know itapos, tools, see above, bluetooth headset connectivity issues to screen discolorations and scratches. Ll be when the time comes. IPhone 5 and 5S appleapos, hold the iPhone so the screen is facing you and insert your pry tool or metal spatula into the top left corner and slowly start breaking the adhesive underneath the display by moving your tool gently back and forth. We highly recommend watching the teardown video above as it will show you the technique for removing the display that will best compliment the written steps much better than pictures iphone 4 shattered screen can. Sadly, d go so far as to say the iPhone 4 has a userreplaceable battery. In just two days since its release.

Question: Q: Iphone 4 screen shattered!Earlier today i shattered my iphone 4 and i was wondering if this could have damaged my internal iphone parts?

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And the SIM card aside, it should come up easily so pry up gently. S sticking upwards and leave it in this position. As the costs of replacement parts soar. It might be worth considering having someone screen else fix up your iPhone. Middle, as Ryan Salerno 40 second mark, is that glass is replaceable, a month after I broke my brand new iPhone. Gently unwrap it so itapos, if one part is resistant move your pry tool a little further down and gently start prying it up in different places taking care not to come too close to the volume button cables towards the top.

IPhone 3G (and 3GS see above.Now that's pretty much because Apple's Genius Bar staffers did me a solid, each and every time I got a case of the dropsies (a string of favors that I imagine will end with this story.).Remove the back plate, using your security screwdriver, remove the 2 screws on either side of the dock connector port.

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After the two screws are removed you can gently lift the speaker assembly out of the iPhone.