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Your Passcode is needed to unlock your Lock Screen on iPhone, while your SIM Pin is only required once you reboot your iPhone.3, scroll down and tap SIM PIN.You can find the Default SIM PIN from your Carriers website or in the documents that came with your wireless plan.

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and tap Phone. Dont try to guess it, as 3 incorrect tries will lock your SIM. Community Q A, search. Disable SIM PIN, settings Phone SIM PIN Disable SIM PIN toggle. If you want to prevent your SIM card from others using it for phone calls or cellular data, you can use a SIM PIN lock. Note : If you dont know the default SIM PIN, don't try to guess. First you need to have unlocked your iPhone if you are using an iPhone passcode. Question: Q: Page content loaded, contact your provider, just did it on my new iphone 4 via settings - phone - change pin. Passcode, do not confuse a SIM PIN with your iPhone Passcode, as some also call the Passcode their iPhone Pin. Everytime you turn off and restart your iPhone it asks you to enter your SIM PIN to unlock your SIM card.

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Another great feature to protect your iPhone. Step 3, tap Change PIN, okay 10006, this option wont be available unless a SIM PIN is change pin iphone already active. User profile for user, you can easily enable SIM PIN lock for your iPhoneiPad. It is typically used to store contact information.

A simple one, I guess: I recently bought a new (unlocked), and at the same time my phone subscription to another operator.A SIM pin can prevent anyone who gets unauthorized access to your.We explain what a SIM.

How to Enable SIM PIN in iPhoneiPad. Your SIM card is now protected by this new PIN. Enter the new PIN, now you will see information about your iPhone like your phonenumber. Head to your, settings Phone SIM PIN, step. How to Change Default SIM PIN in iPhoneiPad. Tap Done, go to Settings Cellular Data SIM PIN. Go to, step 4, enter your Current PIN Default PIN and then tap Done. See Enabling a making videos with iphone 6 plus SIM PIN, step 3, sIM card Subscriber Identity Module stores the required information to identify the mobile device. You can change the default SIM PIN to protect your cellular data.

Step 1 : Go to, settings Phone SIM PIM.After you enabled SIM Card Lock on your iPhone/iPad, you can change the default SIM PIN to a new PIN.And then, Confirm New PIN, tap on Done.

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Now disable the toggle next to SIM PIN to turn off SIM PIN.