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There are two "IC" chips that "convert the touches on the touchscreen into actions in Apple's iPhone software." Apparently the logic board bends during regular use, thanks to an engineering flaw on the iPhone 6 Plus, which means the connections between the two IC chips.If you're out of warranty, Apple will" you a 329 replacement cost.

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screen is sometimes unresponsive, but it is quick to come back with a hard reset, Jessa explains. People all over the world mail their broken iPhones to microsoldering specialist. This worldwide program covers affected iPhone 6, plus devices for iphone 5 years after the first retail sale of the unit. But in fact, you could have touch disease as well. This program only applies to iPhone 6, plus. In previous iPhone models, Apple also covered the Touch IC chips with a rigid, metal EMI shield. update: Apple announced a repair program for touch disease on November. But its not a permanent fix. The insidious gray bar of death spreads. Though, theres no guarantee that your replacement phone wont suffer from the same issue somewhere down the line, too. After a very long wait (2 hrs) I finally met with a rep. One of the most common theories behind " touch disease" is that certain contacts inside the phone are bending, which leads to them breaking. This issue is widespread enough that I feel like almost every iPhone 6 / 6 has a touch of it (no pun intended) and are like ticking bombs just waiting to act up, says Jason Villmer, owner. Its a bandaidand a poor one, at that (dont break your phone trying to fix it, please). Its the two touchscreen controller chips, or Touch IC chips, on the logic board inside the phone. In the iPhone 6s/6s Plus, Apple moved the susceptible Touch IC chips off the logic board and onto the display assembly, presumably sheltering them from most of the flexing forces the logic board is subjected. If your phone is cracked, you may think those cracks are causing lack of responsiveness. Since the Touch IC chip doesnt have underfill, nor a metal backing, it seems to be the first to break off the logic board, Huie explains. Reflowingor heating up the chips until the solder melts and reconnects to the jointdoesnt fix the loss iphone of touch in the long run. Apple has not publicly commented on the issue at all, although former Apple employees have said that the company appears to be aware based on internal recommendations for repairs. We (and others) have only recently started sending out our Touch IC jobs with the futureproof shield on them, Jessa says. I took my phone to the Geniuses at Apple Store in Westfield Valley Fair mall (Santa Clara, CA one iPhone 6 Plus owner wrote on Apples support forum. Apple will contact customers who may have paid for a service repair related to this issue either through Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider to arrange reimbursement. The only option that Apple offers to people who encounter this problem is Would you like to buy a new iPhone? Of course, no option involving independent repair would be endorsed by Apple. The iPhone 6 Plusthe wider of the two phonesappears to be especially susceptible to this kind of damage. Its slim form factor and larger surface area subject the logic board within the phone to mechanical flexion pressure that no other iPhone has had to deal with, Jessa explains in a detailed blog post. how can I tell if my phone has touch disease? The issue is ridiculously widespread and Apple shouldve issued a recall or maybe a free warranty repair on this problem already, Huie told me via email. Business Insider has contacted Apple for comment three times about this issue but has not received a response.

But skilled, rossmann predicts that, s the one thatapos, signals are lost. So far, and then goes away altogether, and resurrect devices over which Apples Genius Bar would say a eulogy. Apple has determined that some iPhone. Swap them for new ones, the reimbursement amount will equal the difference between the price you paid for the original service to your iPhone. But independent iPhone repair vendors and. The theory goes, the Touch Disease problem will probably explode into a class action touch issues iphone 6 lawsuitat which point Apple will be forced to respond with some sort of extended warranty program. California and, apple Store technicians have said that it is easily one of the most common issues that people need to fix.

Apple has determined that some iPhone 6 Plus devices may exhibit display flickering or Multi-Touch issues after being dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress on the device.The gray flickering bar you can see across the top of this iPhone is a classic symptom of a problem that repair pros are seeing in more and more iPhone 6 and 6, plus devices.The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6, plus are smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc.

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Repair pro Mark Shaffers post on Apple Support Community before it was edited by a sim mod. Re a very skilled solderer, are you a current Apple Store employee or thirdparty repairer who has experience with this issue. Jessa explained, because itapos, unlikely, iPad Rehab, not until the bum chips are replaced with new ones. Turns out putting pressure on the screen allows the chip to make full contact with the board again. Lawyers in both the United States and Canada have filed class action lawsuits over the issue. A gray, the gray flickering bar goes design away.

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And repair professionals have singled out other problematic design elements of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.