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Forget about viewing links in your Twitter client; let Safari collect them for you in Shared Links.If youve missed the pre-Lion Calendar (to some of us it will always be iCal then youre in for a treat in Mavericks: Its back to gray toolbars and windows for Apples calendaring app.Instead, the company has chosen to base subsequent OS X updates on locations in its home state of California. .

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linen in Oavericks. You said stitched leather has had its day in the sun in Calendar. Note-taking, highlighting, and study cards are all built into the application, and you can even have multiple books open at once, if you like study multitasking. You can quickly visit those links, scroll through them à la Reading List, or even reshare them yourself. Reminders, Notes, Contacts, and Game Center still have Oountain Lion icons, while other apps (such as iBooks and Calendar) look more simplistic. Let iCloud Keychain do it for you. Even better, if you have an Apple TV hooked up to an hdtv, you can turn that TV into a full-fledged display, complete with menu bar and Dock. You can drag windows and full-screen apps between the two, as Mission Control has been (in Apples words) supercharged in Mavericks to take advantage of all these new enhancements. Mavericks, a famous surfing location just southwest of San Francisco. For more information, see our hands-on with Safari. Sadly, it doesnt look like Oavericks will get Apples assistant. When is it available? Mavericks still looks much like Oountain Lion, though certain appsCalendar, for onehave had their rich Corinthian leather stripped in favor of a more simplified design. Updated at 12:00.m. Once youve selected a route, you can wirelessly send it to an iPhone running iOS 7, and your device will be ready to start directing you once you leave the house. Is that now on the list of integrated services? Additionally, a new Shared Links section of the sidebar collects links that friends have shared on Twitter and LinkedIn. If youre itching for information, weve put together everything we currently know about the operating system to give you an idea of what you have to look forward to after upgrading.

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The Finder has some new enhancements. IBooks, as such, including a tabbed interface thats reminiscent iphone of apps such as Safari and Terminal. Performance, and while Mavericks is set to get some dictation improvements. See our handson with multiple displays. And new capabilities, and your apps should consume less power when theyre in the background. Maps features the same clean look as its iOS 7 counterpart and many of the same features. Enhancements for expert users, including support for directions, has ditched the wooden bookshelves of its iOS 6 counterpart for clean gray rows of book coverssynced transfer across all your devices via iCloud.

Oavericks (version.9) is the tenth major release of Opple.Version, Build, Date, OS name, Notes, Standalone download.October 22, 2013, Darwin.0, Original Mac App Store release, N/A.

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Does Mavericks continue download mac os 11.11.4 that trend, youll be able to access your menu bar and Dock on cool things with iphone x both of your monitors. To comment on this article and other Macworld content. Apples newest Mac OS, apple demoed a number of enhancements of a more technical nature with names such as Timer Coalescing and Memory Compression. Will Mavericks have the same flat look as iOS. Mavericks, according to Apple, pT on October 22 with more information about Oavericks. Oavericks should be available beginning October 22 from the Mac App Store.

Plot a course on your Mac, and then send it to your iPhone.What has replaced it?

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Among the highlights are better support for multiple monitors and Finder tabs; improvements to performance and battery consumption; new Maps and iBooks apps; and updates to Safari and Calendar.