Why Is My iPhone Battery Icon Yellow?

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IPhone battery is yellow not white, black not green, is there anything going wrong?Green battery icon: Charging, seeing a green battery icon on the top corner of the screen is good news.How many hours it can add to for when turn on Low Power Mode?

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your battery icon can be yellow when you have enabled Low Power mode. When you enable Low Power Mode, it can extent your battery life for an extra few number hours by turning off unnecessary features and settings to squeeze as much life as possible out of your battery. IPhone Battery Color Explanation, a list of colors, an explanation of why each color might occur, and way to change the battery color indicator on your iPhone. This is going to result in your battery life draining more quickly than it did when Low Power Mode was enabled. This guide will show you how to disable the Low Power mode to change your iPhone battery color from yellow back to either the black, red, green or white color that it typically. Your battery icon should no longer be yellow. Page content loaded, iT goes yellow on power saver mode. Sorry about the life size sreenshot, but here. These steps and the information contained in this article also hold true for iOS. There were quite a few other changes and settings added with iOS 9, including Wi-Fi Assist. Low Power Mode option.

Regardless of whether the yellow battery indicator appeared because Low Power Mode was enabled through this popup or through the manual method outlined below. Why does my battery icon can switch from black to white. Scroll down and select the, disclaimer, including some on this site. The OP said charging light but earbuds they mean uppdatering the battery icon.

Your battery icon should no longer be yellow.As mentioned earlier, you will likely see a decrease in battery life after turning off Low Power mode.

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Battery Icon Color, why does my iPhone battery switch from white to black. This post will offer an explanation of why different color might occur. That battery can show red yellow or green. It warn you that it is time to charge. Sorry about the life size sreenshot.

The steps in this article were performed with an iPhone 6 Plus, in iOS.In at least one case, it can save your iPhone from serious damage.

Why iPhone Battery is Yellow, What the Yellow Icon Means

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